"And so beats this mercurial heart"

Musician, sound designer, synthesist and composer.

Music Video

Selection of my latest material and music videos for you all to enjoy.

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32 seconds and no you’re not getting any more than that of something brewing for the next release.

No more Venn Diagram goodness until the EP is finished.

You have been warned.


The year is off too a fresh start. Two new tracks and several videos available to view online.I’ve been listening to a lot of older Warp styled electronic releases and music by artists like Visions of Shiva, Beaumont Hannant, Richard H.Kirk, Plaid, The Black Dog, Rhythim is Rhythim, Orbital and The Infinite Wheel.

There is something aesthetically pleasing about the material by many of these artists that I find lacking in a lot of modern electronic music and so I am looking back (some what nostalgically) to move my music forward in a directions I haven’t explored before. So I thought I’d feature a few new video releases on the news page for you all to enjoy whilst I plug away at material for a fresh EP or two in 2014. If you enjoy any of these please feel free to share and embed them on your favourite social media sites.

Courtesy of JohannFanger@DSOBerlin - I appear at 46.05 on the set list.

A personal selection of some of the most remarkable entries to the #DSOremixed Competition 2012|13 ,
recorded live at the Philharmonics March 30th, 2013

00.00 Lambert - You (Dvorak Remix)
09.30 Kontrast Sound - Hiwatha
14.20 Gareth Averil - Ghosts of the 19th Century
16.40 Noyte - 9th Void (DSO Remix)
20.40 Max Wuerden - Into A New World
24.55 rADD - Hill Of Pipes (DSO Experiment)
30.30 Unalaska - You Could
35.25 LoveScienceMusic - DSOremix
39.30 Palace People - New World
46.05 VennDiagram - Un Nouveau Monde (Future Imperfect)
59.15 Simon Vincent - Promise (Dvorak re-work)

Thanks to all the artist for contributing their work, hope you will be on board for the next seasons competition too!