"And so beats this mercurial heart"

Musician, sound designer, synthesist and composer.

Venn Diagram - Work in progress

Rather rough MP3 of the current arrangement I am working on - excuse the weird midrange resonance which will be fixed later.

I usually keep my dearest musical influences close to my cheat. That said, Beaumont Hannant was and always will be a true unsung pioneer in my mind. 
Beautiful production, a master of ambient infused IDM when “IDM” never really had a name and capable of crating some utterly beautiful and mesmerizing soundscapes, beats and textures.
I suggest anyone who follows my page to give this full album a spin. It’s 20 years old this year and still sounds as fresh as it ever did.
In a word ………. “TIMELESS”

Isosceles 3.7.1 - my latest music and video release.

If you like your tunes on an older Warp Records vibe then this is for you.

All glitched up and ready to work on new studio material.